Why Concierge

More time to care for you
Office visits will start promptly and are longer than usual, so you will not feel rushed.

Enhanced office experience
We can schedule you for an Annual Woman Wellness exam, or a Problem Visit, or a New Pregnancy Consultation quickly and easily – usually within the next few days. Same or next day appointments for urgent issues are also available. No more waiting months to see your doctor for your appointment.

Peace of mind
After hours, for urgent issues, you can reach the doctor by cell, email or text message.

In person or Virtual appointments are available for your Routine or Problem visits. Your test results will be shared with you quickly and with a full explanation of what they mean and any next steps you need to take. No more back and forth on the phone or email with front desk, triage, medical assistants.

Personalized Referrals
We will personally refer you to the best in our area for any other care you might need. This may include:
– Specialist Care
– PCP or Internist referral
– Direct Primary Care
– Nutritionist specialist
– Doula for Labor support or Postpartum support
– Pediatrician for your new baby
– Private and individualized Childbirth Prep Classes
– Acupuncture or Naturopathic care